Your #1 source for fast, same day repair of iPhone, iPad and even iPod devices. Bring your device in, or give us a call today and we’d love to help you out!

 What’s wrong with your phone?

Same Day Repairs

We know you need your device back up and running fast, and we’re ready to get that done. Several technicians on staff and plenty of parts in stock means we can get most repairs done the same day, if not within a few hours.

Experienced Technicians

We’ve found and hired not only the most experienced, but also the friendliest technicians in the Dallas, Fort Worth area. Bring your device in and we’ll give you a free estimate before we even start repairing your phone.

Solid Warranty

We stand behind all our parts, work and service with an extensive 60 day warranty which means you’re covered long after you leave our store and get excellent peace of mind.

Solid Warranty

In a pinch? We offer emergency on-site service if you need a fix super fast. Give us a call and we can have a technician come over and fix your iPhone or iPad screen on the spot, or at a location convenient to you.

iphone repair fort worth

Battery Replacement

The standard iPhone battery life is great out of the box, but it naturally dies down over a year or so and you might find your device not lasting the entire day.  If there is nothing else wrong with your iPhone, there is plenty of reason to keep it – simply let us replace the battery while you wait or grab a coffee next door.

Home / Power / Lock Button Repair

Unresponsive or wedged in power buttons are common especially when you use your phone vigorously. This is also a relatively simple repair to accomplish and we can get it done while you run some errands.

iPhone 4/5/6/6+ Screen Replacement

Broken iPhone screens are our specialty and we know how annoying it can be to walk around with a cracked or even totally unresponsive screen.  Bring your screen in regardless of the condition it’s in and we’ll get it back up and running today.

iPhone 4/5/6/6+ Screen Replacement

Usually due to wear and tear, if you’re experiencing volume or other problems with your speakers or microphone on your iPhone it’s pretty normal and not hard to diagnose or replace the interior components.

Getting Your iPhone or iPad Fixed in Fort Worth, TX

We know it can feel overwhelming getting your device fixed especially when you might need it right away for a trip, work related correspondence or even your un-diagnosed addiction to social media. Regardless of your level or urgency, we’re confident we can have your phone back up and running in a short enough time span that it will minimize the inconvenience. In most cases, a simple screen or battery replacement (two of the most common fixes we do) can be done within the hour, or at most for the end of the day. These parts are kept in stock, and our technicians can get them done while you grab a bite to eat or run some errands.

Screens and batteries aren’t the only issues we can fix. We routinely get customers through our doors that have random problems such as their phone not turning on or weird audio problems. In these cases we usually preform a free diagnosis to try and locate the actual problem. This can be something like replacing the battery temporarily to see if the device will charge up, or even the screen to see if it lights up. We only charge you for the actual repair that resolves your problem though, so don’t worry – we always strive to be transparent with our pricing and services.

If you have any type of liquid or water damage problems, we can also diagnose those and see if anything is recoverable however this isn’t as simple a process as fixing your cracked iPhone 5 screen.  Since this type of damage can be fatal to your phone and affect so many different internal ports and components, we always recommend turning off your phone, drying it off to the best of your ability at the time and bringing it in. This will drastically reduce the chances of a short circuiting and give us a chance to use a special solution to clean the inside of the device. From this point, we can find out what components need to be replaced and go from there. How much will this cost? It’s hard to say as each case is unique, but you’ll get a full price quote before we do anything to your phone.