LG Phone Screen Repairs

If your looking for a solution to a cracked or broken LG G4 screen, you’ve found the right page. As with most smartphone repairs, fixing your G4 LCD screen can be more efficient than buying a brand new phone. However, if you’re not a tech geek and don’t want to get involved with fixing the screen yourself, than finding a local Dallas / Fort Worth is probably your best option. Local cell phone repair shops can test the functionality of your LCD and overlaying glass and check if it’s simply the cracked glass that needs to be fixed, or the entire front screen assembly (obviously more expensive in all cases).

LG G4 Display & Touchscreen Replacement

Most of our customers that come into our shop have a crack or some sort of blemish on their front screen, and this is no surprise with the amount of time the average LG phone user spends looking at their screen and moving it from their pocket to their car, and everywhere in between. In terms of the cost, the G4 smartphone is relatively inexpensive to repair when it comes to the LCD screen and usually more cost-efficient than buying a new phone. As of December 2016, our cost to replace the screen from our Fort Worth shop is $150 and comes with an extensive 60 day warranty.