Burleson, TX iPhone Repair

Fast, friendly and affordable cell phone repair for your Apple and Android devices is now available in Burleson! Skip the traffic to Fort Worth or Dallas, and get a high quality replacement screen installed by a professionally trained technician right in front of you. We wanted to make the whole mobile device repair process much less painless than it was for us when we had broken or malfunctioning devices. Our pricing, warranty and exact turnaround time is clear right away and if we can’t fix your device or the repair is not realistically cost-effective, then you’ll know before we continue. In certain cases it may not be worth it to fix your older phones, and you can expect us to let you know if that’s the case. Often if your phones housing is damaged, that can be more expensive to fix than selling your phone and simply upgrading to a newer model.

iphone repair burleson tx

We Fix it All

From the all too familiar cracked LCD screen to audio problems – even water damage – we’ve seen and fixed it all, so feel free to give us a call or bring your phone in today!

100% Warranty Coverage

We stand behind all the work our team does and the parts they install…so much that we warranty all work up to 60 days after the repair. This however, doesn’t cover any additional physical damage.

On The Spot Service

Gone are the days of shipping your phone overseas or across the country and hoping to get it back soon. We’ll get your phone fixed within 60 minutes, right here in Burleson!

Burleson iPad Screen & Glass Repair

Apple’s iPad revolutionized the mobile tablet industry and provided a simple, intuitive interface that made mobile computing more accessible and fun for everyone. One aspect of the device most people will have to deal with is getting the screen fixed. As careful as we all try to be, there are slips and falls that are simply going to happen, and the need for a concise, affordable and convenient tablet screen repair solution has never been greater. Bring in your broken, cracked or smashed iPad into our Burleson store and we can get the screen and glass replaced within 24 hours. These type of repairs are more labor-intensive and require a longer time frame to complete. This is due to the adhesive solution used to keep the digitizer (the touch capabilities come from here) under the glass. In the majority of cases if the glass is cracked or blemished, the entire front display will need to be replaced. If you have an older iPad model or you simply never got the Apple Care warranty upsell for a newer model – we’ve got you covered. For about $100-150 we can get your iPad screen fixed and save you the cost of getting an entirely new device and transferring over your pictures, videos and other media.