iPhone Water Damage Solutions

iPhone’s can’t swim – we know you know that, but accidents do happen and water or liquid damage can absolutely devastate your device and be very expensive and confusing to fix. We look to fix this, and offer an expedited liquid damage cleanup service that has a success rate of 40-50%. This involves opening up your phone, and cleaning the interior components to remove any signs of remaining moisture or corrosion. From that point, any components that are faulty, such as the home or power button can be replaced if need be. From our experience, it is often the screen or battery that succumbs at first to full submersion in liquid – be it the lake, or a slip in the toilet.

Preventing Fatal iPhone 6 Water Damage

Apple has made big steps in the right direction over the years, and we are now at the point where a little moisture or evaporation won’t totally ruin your iPhone 6. However a full submersion can still totally wreck your phone. If you’ve dropped your phone in water or any other liquid our best advice is to turn off your device right away. Any water that touches the interior of your phone when it is turned on can result in a short circuit and damage to the logic board. This is one of the most expensive components to replace so avoiding this scenario is important.